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2013/04/04 - Candid Yellow Pages Links update; couple of new good candid sites
2013/04/03 - update, lots of new galleries upskirts, and beach girls
2013/04/27 - Candid Clips update; new videos
2013/04/03 - Candid Videos update, new videos and photos
2013/04/03 - Candid Book update; new pictures, sites and reviews
2013/04/02 - Candid Beach Hotties update; 4 new galleries
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2013/03/29 - Candid TGP update; new 15 galleries
2013/03/28 - Candid Splash update; 10 new candid galleries
2013/03/15 - Candid Sports update, tennis and swimming girls, track and paddle
2013/03/15 - Candid TUBE update; new videos in nude beach, spy and nudist movies
CandidKing knows there's nothing better than seeing a hot girl being her natural sexy self. That's why we have traveled the world to bring you the most beautiful
women all in stunning HIGH DEFINITION video! No models or posing girls here, just real girls caught by our cameras. So if you like REAL girls wearing the skimpiest
clothes and smallest bikinis you've come to the right place!We try hard to make sure you have all the best girls in one place. Our main focus is POOL and BEACH girls but that's not all we have. When you join CandidKing you also get exclusive videos from events like MARDI GRAS and HALLOWEEN, as well as GYM girls, VOLLEYBALL girls, UPSKIRTS, SHORT SHORTS and MORE with each video running 4-6 minutes long! We want to make sure no sexy girl escapes our lens so join now to see why we truly are the CANDID KING!

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2012/09/23 - Voyeur & Candid Pics - one of the first and biggest voyeur boards.
2012/09/23 - Candid Girls TGP introducing our mega multi niche website with huge voyeur section. There is a big thumbnail section showing best galleries with hot asses at nude beach. Sexy teen butts, downblouse and upskirt shoots. Nudist galleries, women in tight clothes. Lycra pics, girls in spandex as well as hot bikini babes. Some daily nice sports women, party and some good non nude teen pictures. There is also a huge candid tube section with lots of videos and a twice a day updated video gallery text area.
2012/09/23 - Candid Sports Angels the premiere source of authentic candid sports HQ pictures! That's right, here at Candid Sports Angels you'll find a huge collection of the best real candid sports material online. All content on the site has been brought to you by Gonja, a well know HQ candid photographer, and a few other well known contributors. This site's packed to the brim with the cutest girls on the net playing volleyball, tennis, running track, swimming, cheerleading, and much, much more! Whether it's indoor or outdoor sports, we've got 'em both! Real candid photos are our passion and we're always updating with new amazing content. Nothing's sexier than beautiful girls playing sports. Like what you're seeing so far? Then you're going to love what's in store for you here at Candid Sports Angels! Remember, inside you'll have access to all of these great photos and thousands more all in their original, high-resolution and full-size versions!These sample pictures have nothing on what's in our member's only section. On top of all of the great pictures, we also offer access to 2 other amazing sites (CandidBeachAngels and HerFineSelf, an unbelievable 2 for 1 deal! We love candids and are devoted to bringing you the best the net has to offer. Here at Candid Sports Angels, our library of awesome candid content is always growing. We update daily with cool new real candid photos you'll just love. Still not convinced and want to see a little more? No problem!
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2012/08/27 - Candid Spalsh Pics update; 10 galleries with many sports women like volleyball, gymnast girls, cycling and swimming girls, few Candidbob and cheerleader stuff.
2012/06/04 - Candid TGP update; 10 new beach, sport and bikin candid galleries
2012/06/01 - Candid TUBE update; lots of new voyeur and candid videos
2012/06/02 - Candid Links update; couple of new good candid sites
2012/05/18 - update; 18 new candid galleries
2012/05/18 - TUBE MOVIES CLIPS new big tube with HQ content
2012/05/18 - Candid Bob NEWs - CandidBob relaunch with tons new fresh content
Thongs, bikinis, wet looks, semi transparent, backshots, beach series and much more. We even have beach contributions! You won't find tiny, blurry little snapshots in here, but only high resolution, sharp, clear, up close candid photography and streaming videos of some of the most attractive young women, having fun and partying on the beach!You will find over 32083 exclusive candid pictures and a growing collection of candid videos!
The exclusive candidBOB HQ collection is growing every week!

Our candid archive with last informations!

2011/10/04 - Candid TUBE update
2011/10/04 - Candid Clips update
2011/10/03 - Candid Shiny Sports update
2011/10/03 - CandidYellowPages update; new sites
2011/10/03 - Candid TGP update; new 10 galleries
2011/10/03 - update, 20+ new galleries
2011/10/03 - update; couple of new galleries
2011/10/02 - update; 30 new candid galleries
2011/10/02 - update; 10 new candid galleries
2011/08/08 - update; 14 new candid galleries
2011/08/08 - CandidYellowPages update; new sites
2011/08/08 - Candid Girls mud fun girls

See video
2011/08/08 - Non Nude Girls bikini and beach candids, enjoy
2011/04/27 - brand new candid site Candid Videos
Join the biggest candid video site on the net, never seen, never shown candid videos, nothing on any forums, all exclusive HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS!!! No crappy cell phone shit. Beach, street, lesbian, bikini, party, shiny, lycra and sports videos.
2011/04/27 - update; new videos
2011/04/26 - update; 16 new candid galleries
2011/03/22 - new teen link site Teen Mega Links
competition of new high quality teen and candid sites. Regulary updated with new sites. Several site categories like new additions, featured links, general listings, groups and boards as well as new tube link section. Teen Mega Links is a new project by the makers of The Candid Yellow Pages. Enjoy the high quality link site.
2011/03/22 - two new teen sites Teen Mega Blog and Teen Mega Tube
Enjoy thousand of free teen videos and newest teen site you can find on the whole world wide web.
2011/03/13 - new candid video site Candid-Videos.NET
Since everyone have cell phones with photo or video function or having these little HDV or DV cameras it is very simple to do some nice filmes. With Virtual DUB, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, Video Charge or similar software you can cut your clips veary easy. Just upload your small clips to video forum and share with huge candid community. Visit Candid Community Forum
2011/03/13 - AdmireHer Amoures Culos is back with new fantastic candid videography now in HDV
2011/03/13 - update; 4 new galleries
2011/03/13 - LynnHD My name is Lynn, as if you couldnt guess. I`m an 18 years old girl from russia. I live in Saint Petersburg and am waiting to get a place for studying slavic studies. It is so cool to see videos of myself on the web. My interests are boys, volleyball, skating, and shopping for clothes. I`m sure you`ll like what you see!
2011/03/13 - CandidBook update; 5 new galleries
2011/03/13 - CandidYellowPages update; new sites
2011/03/13 - update; 20 new candid galleries
2011/03/13 - update, 50+ new galleries
2011/03/13 - update; new videos

2011/01/26 - update; 4 new galleries

2011/01/26 - "New" Candid paysite "Her Fine Self" not new but back again, enjoy this fantastic site with sports event and beach candids shooted by Gonja
2011/01/26 - Candid Beach Angels back again with the hell of updates over40K pictures of Gonja, Spin T2S, Greatphotos, Tripod and lots more.
2011/01/26 - Fuckable Lola not a candid site, but you should not miss this hot girl, there is also a free video trailer.
2011/01/24 - CandidTube.ORG Introducing the new Candid Video mega site – The Candid Tube – by the makers of Candid Splash. Weekly new hot candid videos, beach, spandex, tight clothes, street, party candids, hot butts, sexy breasts, nice fashion, shiny girls and teens. Enjoy!
2009/12/16 - "New" Candid paysite "Hot Sports Candids" sports candids
2009/12/16 - update; 4 new galleries
2009/12/16 - CandidBook update; 10 new galleries
2009/12/16 - update; 5 new videos
2009/12/15 - CandidYellowPages update; few of new sites
2009/12/15 - update; 22 new candid galleries - samples
2009/12/13 - ShinyTube.ORG New site you must check out! Lots of wild girls in shiny spandex latex and bikinis masturbating, teasing or showing cameltoes!
2009/10/12 - My Bitch Alisa new teen website, panties, tons of videos
2009/10/12 - update; 36 new candid galleries
2009/10/12 - CandidYellowPages update; couple of new sites
2009/10/12 - update, 200+ new galleries, teen section
2009/10/12 - update; 8 new galleries
2009/10/12 - Candid TGP update; new 20 galleries
2009/10/12 - update; 16 new videos
2009/10/12 - CandidBook update; 27 new galleries
2009/04/28 - New Candidpaysite "Candidcopia" sports candids
2009/04/27 - update, 10 new videos beach party candids, springbreak, gorilla grs and hot teens
2009/04/27 - update, couple of new galleries and site listings
2009/04/26 - The Candid Magazine lots of new articles new picture and video post, candid tgp and link area updates
2009/04/25 - CandidYellowPages update; 4 new sites
2009/04/23 - update; 10 new sports candid, street candids, beach and party girls galleries and HDV video for free AND "50" new teen galleries and shinydolls videos, enjoy
2009/02/21 - Hot Sports Candids site closed a week ago.
"Due to legalities, Hotsportscandids has been shutdown and will not be back online."
2009/02/20 - The Candid Magazine lots of new articles and two new sections for photographers and TGP with lots of picture galleries.
2009/02/18 - update; 12 new picture/video galleries from amor culos, candidbob, xposing, wildpartygirls, candidtightvideos and candidcrush
2009/02/11 - CandidYellowPages update; 4 new site listings
2009/01/08 - We introduce our new website The Candid Magazine the MAG is free to use. You can subscribe or reading the RSS feeds. We test new equipment and review candid sites. The MAG will show you lots of new updates, sites and finally free content like videos and images.
2008/12/21 - update; new galleries
2008/12/20 - update; lots of new galleries and videos
2008/12/20 - 15 new fee video galleries on Candid Clips
2008/12/20 - update; couple of new galleries
2008/12/17 - Candid TGP update; new galleries
2008/12/16 - lots of new galleries in gallery section with street candid, beach candids, sports candid and party galleries with lots of new images
2008/12/16 - new site CandidBeachBums
2008/12/16 - new links
2008/12/15 - CandidYellowPages update; 7 new listings
2008/12/15 - update; 12 new picture/video galleries
2008/09/22 - CandidBook update; 12 new videos
2008/09/18 - update; 5 new videos
2008/08/29 - Candid Crush updates
2008/08/29 - CandidYellowPages update; 4 new listings
2008/08/29 - update; 10 new picture/video galleries

2008/08/15 - CandidYellowPages update; 6 new listings

2008/08/11 - CandidYellowPages update; 3 new listings
2007/07/11 - a new candid forum site - Teenage Decadence
2008/07/11 - CandidYellowPages update; 6 new listings
2008/07/07 - update; 8 new picture/video galleries
2008/04/21 - CandidYellowPages update; 4 new listings
2008/04/21 - update; 10 new videos
2008/04/21 - new site ModelBrats launched, high resolution teen, shiny, stockings, balloons videos, regulary new hot models
2008/04/20 - update; 10 new picture/video galleries
2008/03/23 - CandidYellowPages update; 3 new listings
2008/03/20 - update; 15 new picture/video galleries
2008/02/12 - CandidYellowPages update; 2 new listings
2008/02/11 - update; 8 new picture/video galleries
2008/01/12 - update; some new galleries and videos
2008/01/11 - update; couple of new galleries and videos
2008/01/08 - update; 4 new galleries
2008/01/06 - update; 10 new videos
2008/01/03 - update; 10 new picture/video galleries
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